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I'm an enthusiastic advocate for the development of useful and usable systems. I have made a career out of pushing boundaries and knocking down barriers to productivity and efficiency. I have worked with brands and on systems that reach millions. I've been a part of the industry for 15 years, actively coding with ASP.NET C# (MVC, WebAPI and now AngularJS) for 3 years, and with WordPress and PHP for years before that.

I believe in empowerment, listening, and ongoing improvement in both professional and personal life.

I get things done, but I never compromise on quality. I'm almost entirely self-taught and learn from my mistakes quickly.

My strongest skill is in how I can translate between technical and non-technical people in both directions. I am fluent in geek and human.


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My services

Geek-Human Translations

If you don't speak geek you can easily find yourself in the world where phrases like, "but you didn't ask for that" come up a lot. I can help you avoid missed goals, scope creep and ensure you get the best value out of your technical teams. My services are especially effective on suppliers.

UX Consultancy

You could be losing sales because of something your users are just not getting when it seems simple to you. I can help you find out all kinds of things about your users and your website, including exactly where they're loooking on the screen.

Agile Adoption

Many companies, and many consultants too, will talk about Agile, but few actually do it, and even fewer do it properly.

Maintainable Systems

I write using the most simplistic code possible whilst balancing performance. What is the point of having a brilliant system if no-one else can change and evolve it because the code is too complex?

Responsive design

I was doing 'mobile first' back in 2001 when WAP was all the rage. It's part of my DNA.


I love it when someone finds a bug. It gives me a chance to improve the system and make it stronger. Always fix bugs before working on new features.

Charting & Reporting

I'm skilled with Telerik's KendoUI (for when you want charts on the web) and SQL Server Reporting Services (for when you want management reports and data cubes).

Technical Teams

I have strong experience of finding the right technical candidates for posts, and I can also provide interim team leadership or short-term placement to scale effectiveness in teams.

Save Money

Demonstrating a return on investment is important not only in project terms, but with people too. I work with confidence that I will be saving you more (or earning you more) in the long run than I cost, and I like to find ways we can prove that.

Open for Business

I am currently able to take on new contracts, but please be contact me to find out my latest lead times.

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Résumé and Credentials

My education and experience.


Agile Project Management Practitioner

Fluent in Agile Project Management using the DSDM Atern methodology. I am also very capable with Kanban Boards and general Scrum principles. Especially good at leading agile teams of developers and interacting with stakeholders to get prioritised requirements and a deliverable subset.

APMG International

May 2012

Building Responsive UI with Bootstrap

Demonstrates my committment to continous professional development and determination to keep up with changing trends and methods.

Microsoft Virtual Academy

September 2014

Introduction to ASP.NET MVC

As a self-taught programmer it is important to me to consolidate and formalise my understanding as much as possible to ensure that I have understood the topic accurately and in enough depth.

Microsoft Virtual Academy

November 2014


Senior Software Developer

Made a big splash with an entirely new UI and UX approach for all applications. My presentation of it all went down very well, showing that I don't just do code - I can present it, explain it and sell it too.


Jan 2015

Applications Developer

Fixed-term contract to rebuild a Classic ASP-based system into ASP.NET MVC, WebAPI and AngularJS


Sep 2014 - Dec 2014

Software Developer

Responsible for the day-to-day running of a line of business acquired by the company earlier. The clients were broad and ranged from farmers to financial services with tens of thousands and customers and millions of pounds of transactions going through the systems. My role was to provide feature development and change management for the existing systems and negotiate a migration path. Some leadership required in this role as I worked with an Graduate Developer.

IRESS (formerly Avelo Trigold)

Nov 2013 - Sep 2014

Development Team Leader

When I started here I was just one, but I left in place a capable development team able to deliver a range of products and provide support to the growth of the business. My focus was on developing back-end systems to support sales and customer services staff in the day-to-day operations and to provide reporting to management and partners.


Jan 2013 - Nov 2013

Marketing Manager

Assigned to a project that had stalled prior to my arrival. The project was to deliver an intranet that had both a SharePoint and a WordPress backend system. I successfully managed to integrate the two and roll out the first release within the term of my contract. At the same time I also delivered a handful of WordPress-powered marketing sites.


July 2012 - Dec 2012

Applications Specialist

Working as part of a small team offering an "E-Comms" service. Provision of sites based on SharePoint, including full customisation using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Skills Funding Agency (formerly The Learning & Skills Council)

Nov 2008 - July 2012

Contract Web Designer

Part of the Web Team who offered marketing-oriented apps and support for events, such as the International Motor Show where we developed cool things like a giant iPod and walk-up self-service kiosks.

Peugeot Motor Company

Feb 2008 - Nov 2008

Technology Manager

Part of the core management team at what we called Britain's first internet-based TV station. My role was to run the technological aspects of the operation, including video streaming technology, the website and relationships with syndication partners like YouTube.

18 Doughty Street WC1N

Sep 2006 - Feb 2008

Senior Administrator

Responsible for a team of secretaries and administrators along with overall responsibility for operational systems.

Coventry Primary Care Trust NHS

2003 - 2005


I have been a technology geek since the days of the Commodore64, but I had to start somewhere and Coventry was a tough place to grow up. So I started out by working as a temp for various companies. Some were technological and some were less so. My breakthrough came when I was assigned as an administrative assistant inside the National Health Service where I soon showed off my skills by producing Access databases and advanced Excel systems using VBA. I was invited to interview for a permanent post and eventually climbed to the top of the Administrative structure, all before the age of 21.


1999 - 2003

Contact me

Drop me a line or give me a ring. I would love to hear from you.

As a freelancer my office is almost anywhere. I can meet you at Starbucks, Costa or any other coffee venue. If you'd rather a more confidential location I can meet at your offices, your home, or any mutually convenient location. I keep my prices low by not having a permanent office.