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Mike Rouse

Lead Consultant


UX Design
Table Football

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Mike has worked for small, medium and large organisations in both the public and private sectors. He's not your typical IT guy because he believes in business-driven development, and has a strong track record of working with development teams to get them focussed on business goals and not over-engineering a solution.

A certified Agile Project Management Practitioner, Mike has years of experience in getting applications off the ground quickly and effectively - once he pulled together a programme for delivery of a corporate intranet across 5 countries and implemented it in just 5 months, it having been stuck for nearly 2 years before his arrival.

Mike can code too, and isn't afraid to get hands on with a project to get it over the line. This understanding of business, code and process gives Mike a strong vantage point and ability to knock down barriers to delivery.

One of Mike's strongest points is putting in solutions that are cost-effective and efficient. He also has an exceptional eye for troubleshooting.


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ASP.NET Boilerplate + Zero

We develop for the amazing ASP.NET Zero and Boilerplate projects. The developers of these frameworks know us. If you've chosen this framework we can help you.

Little Green Light Consultants

We are the first UK-based registered consultants for Little Green Light and can help you with almost anything you want to do with this powerful donor management system.

WordPress Experts

We have been building websites with WordPress since around 2004 and know almost everything there is to know about this flexible CMS.

Agile Project Management

All of our people have skills in Agile project management, it is the bedrock of everything we deliver. We use the DSDM Atern method.

Google AdWords, Twitter Ads, Facebook Ads

Advertising and targeting strategies, keyword optimisations, calls-to-action, budgeting and more.


Development of e-commerce themes, plugins and widgets to increase conversion rates. Also strategies and solutions to reduce abandoned baskets.

3-4 Week Development Lead Time

Our developers are currently working through a large book of work for our clients. Although we may not be able to start coding your solution right now, we can get the ball rolling by looking at your specifications and understanding your requirements before we begin.

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Our people have supported the following list of companies and brands:


Developed a user-centric approach, totally redesigning the web-based CRM application into a very user-friendly design.

GKN plc

Development of a system to record energy usage based on ASP.NET WebApi and AngularJS.

Griffin Law Ltd

Services include:

  • Development of a media monitoring application complete with workflow engine, based on AngularJS, WebApi and SQL Server with a number of third-party web integrations. Based on ASP.NET Boilerplate.
  • Development of various marketing materials, including websites and leaflets for product and service proomotion.
  • Support for website, email and desktop services and solutions.
  • Installation, support and maintenance of a video conferencing solution.
  • Support with cases, including the service of legal documents over social media and the web in a manner that can provide useful data to the courts.

IonaTech Ltd

Assistance with RFP and development of functional prototypes.


Ongoing development and support of legacy systems, including a trading system that transacted over £28m per year.

Peugeot Motor Company plc

Event support including development, design, installation, operation and support for various stand-based features including a giant iPod, self-service terminals, and iPod Touch-based data collection.


Engineering work to support evolution of fleet management portal, based on ASP.NET.


Implementation of a programme of work for a corporate intranet to support 5 countries of operations. Plan put in place and rollout started within 5 months.

The Skills Funding Agency

Support for Usability work for the National Careers Service and operational support for various agency websites and services. Mostly based on SharePoint.

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