Avoiding the rocks: steering a climate emergency by newspaper headlines is a dangerous course that can undermine the overall strategy.


“How dare you. You have stolen my dreams and my childhood with your empty words” Greta Thunberg at the UN Summit in New York Bearing in mind that we need actions more than words to fight climate change, I’m surprised to see this story on the Redditch climate emergency: https://redditchstandard.co.uk/news/borough-council-last-in-climate-table-despite-saying-its-ahead-on-green-issues/ It says: REDDITCH Borough Council, … Read more

Have your say on the Conservative Party Leadership election

Boris Johnson vs Jeremy Hunt

As a Councillor for the Conservative Party, I will have a vote in the upcoming leadership elections. As these are important elections that will decide on who the next Prime Minister will be for all of us I have decided to consult with local residents to see who they would like to see become our next Prime Minister.

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Comments to BBC News Channel on the Conservative Party Leadership Contest

Footage from BBC News Channel 20 June 2019

On Thursday 20th June I spoke to the BBC News Channel about the Conservative Party leadership contest. Within minutes of me finishing the results of the final ballot amongst MPs was known and we were presented with what many of us saw coming – a Hunt vs Boris final.

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