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The Deliberate and Systematic Engineering of Human Outrage

I just saw a TikTok by Ari Melber that feature a clip of Eric Schmidt with an apparent warning about social media and how it drives outrage. See the clip, then scroll down for reaction: Being a 20+ year veteran of social media (since way before even MySpace and Bebo) and knowing a bit of […]

A report back for week ending Friday 17th December 2021

This week saw a lot of meetings, a lot of campaign and a by-election defeat ahead of a wind-down for Christmas. However you’re marking the season I wish you and your loved ones all the best. I attended the County Council’s Overview & Scrutiny Board (OSPB) of which I am a member and sub-panel chairman. […]

On the issues relating to the alleged Downing Street Christmas Party in 2020

On the 19th of December 2020 the Prime Minister announced additional COVID-19 restrictions were to be put in place, using the regional tiering system. London went into a new ‘Tier 4’, but Worcestershire remained in ‘Tier 2’. Herefordshire was in ‘Tier 1’. At the time that the Downing Street gathering on 19th December took place […]

Health update

On Friday 29th October I was admitted to the Alexandra Hospital in Redditch after a call with my GP, booked the previous day. I was suffering with shortness of breath on exertion, such as going upstairs, and was struggling to catch my breath back. My doctor sent me to A&E immediately where initial triage found […]

Handing the baton to Gemma

I am delighted to hand the baton of ‘Deputy Leader’ to Gemma Monaco at Redditch Borough Council, as reported by the Redditch Standard and Redditch Advertiser. There were a number of reasons and I can elaborate more on them in this space. With both Matt Dormer and I being elected to Worcestershire County Council recently, […]

Worcestershire is re-opening for business

I was in Redditch Town Centre on Monday 12th March and pleased to see local businesses getting started again. If you are (or know) a local business that’s struggling to get going again please let me know as I may be able to signpost them to available support packages to help. Posted by Worcestershire Conservatives […]