Category: Reporting Back

  • Funzone Update

    I understand the school has now terminated Funzone from 31 August blaming “unilateral actions” taken by Funzone, which I can only take to mean a reference to Funzone speaking out. This appears, at face value, to be a punitive action by the school and has resulted in them losing a customer and the associated £12,000 […]

  • A report back for week ending Friday 17th December 2021

    This week saw a lot of meetings, a lot of campaign and a by-election defeat ahead of a wind-down for Christmas. However you’re marking the season I wish you and your loved ones all the best. I attended the County Council’s Overview & Scrutiny Board (OSPB) of which I am a member and sub-panel chairman. […]

  • Good news regarding residential development at Church Hill Centre

    Some positive news to share. You may have heard that plans were afoot for a “house of multiple occupation” (HMO) on Tanhouse Lane between the new apartments (old doctor’s surgery) and St Andrew’s Church. I listened to your concerns and worked with the developer who has been very receptive and cooperative to see what could […]

  • Environment Agency serves ‘Stop with Immediate Effect’ Letter to Blaze Lane Site

    Craig Warhurst, Mike Rouse and Brandon Clayton as local Councillor team want to provide an update for concerned residents and what we hope will be some welcome news regarding tipping activities at Blaze Lane. We have been working on this issue since it first arose, and it has taken up a significant amount of time […]

  • Update on Bridge: Signage ordered

    County Council officers have confirmed to me that the bridge on the route along Feckenham Road was inspected last in January 2020 and is due for some routine maintenance works in the 2021/22 financial year. During the maintenance works there will be a further examination of the bridge and any issues regarding its structure will […]