“I want to build a better Redditch for our young people, and for our working-class communities”

Where opportunity thrives

With two school-age daughters of my own, it is of the utmost importance that we keep pushing for changes and enhancements to our town, to provide better opportunities for our kids, affordable leisure services, and healthy activities for all.

Our children are the next generation, let’s make sure they’re prepared for anything an increasingly complicated and unstable world throws at them.

I have been actively serving our community since 2018 when I was first elected to represent Church Hill on Redditch Borough Council. I now also represent Redditch South on Worcestershire County Council.

As a Chairman of a County Council committee, and as a member of the Executive Committee in Redditch, I am passionate about making our town (and the whole of Worcestershire) a better place for our children to grow, for our adults to work, and for our elderly people to feel safe.


Mike has helped develop schemes and workshops that have contributed to the skills agenda and regeneration.


Mike’s experience as a Councillor puts him in a strong position to deliver tangible results for people, families and communities.


Mike Rouse has the absolute fortitude to fight for our communities, bringing the best of what we have together.

I stand for election to continue making our town a better place to live, work and raise a family.

– Mike Rouse

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I am always looking for people to help me on my various campaigns – there’s loads to do such as folding leaflets, designing literature, delivering materials or helping me engage with local communities.

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